Discover the incredible health benefits of this underrated root vegetable.

Beets are ridiculously packed with health benefits.

Nothing else beats ‘em. Ha.

Many don’t like the taste, but you don’t need to endure their dirty earthy flavor to get the benefits! There are lots of other ways to get all those nutrients. Beetroot powders, juices, and capsules all contain the benefits that this superfood does.

If you prefer your beet as part of an arugula and goat cheese salad, you’re getting an insane amount of vitamins and minerals with very little calories and fat (not including the goat cheese.)  3.5 ounces of beets only has 44 calories and .2 grams of fat.

Here are 6 impressive uses for beets:

Lower Blood Pressure

Beets are chock full of nitrates. Nitrates convert into nitric oxide, a compound that opens blood vessels, increasing blood flow and circulation. Studies show that eating beets temporarily reduces blood pressure.

To have a long-term effect, one must consume beets regularly. Get creative with how you prepare them. Here are 20 delicious ways to eat beets.

Improve athletic performance

Studies show that athletic performance increases when beets are consumed 2-3 hours before activity. Beets have a powerful effect on energy levels and oxygen use.  Nitrates boost mitochondria, the organelle that gives your cells energy. Beets also improve oxygen use, as the nitrates open up blood vessels, creating a bigger pathway for more oxygen to reach your muscles. Both of these factors combine to improve energy, oxygen flow, and increase stamina. You’re not going to suddenly be able to run a marathon with ease, but you will feel like you’re improving on your normal workout performance.

Reduce Inflammation

Beets get their bright red color from betalain pigments. In addition to providing a stunning color, these pigments provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support. Research is still in its infancy, but studies have shown a reduction in kidney inflammation in rats and a reduction in joint pain in humans with osteoarthritis.


Clean out the liver

Beetroot slices in patternBeets are helpful for detoxification organs, especially the liver. Betaine, the beet’s most powerful amino acid, prevents and reduces the accumulation of fat in the liver. Fat in the liver can lead to many harmful complications, including cirrhosis. A study with diabetics showed improvements in liver function, a slight decrease in cholesterol, and a reduction in liver size. Beets could help keep some of the symptoms associated with buildup of fat in the liver.


Improve brain function

Beets have a high content of nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to the whole body—including the brain. Increased blood flow improves the function of the organ. As we age, our blood flow decreases due to lower nitric oxide content, decreasing neuron activity and function. In one study, dietary nitrate improved brain function in the frontal lobe, the part that controls emotional expression, problem-solving, memory, decision making, and many other important processes.


Serve as natural makeup

Beets’ bright red color is extremely pigmented and is often used to naturally color cosmetics. The color is a perfect shade for a cheery cheek and lip tint. You can cut little bits of the vegetable and rub them straight on the skin for a sheer, bright pink color. You can also follow various recipes to make your own creamy lipsticks and powdered blushes. Homemade beet products are completely natural, vegan, and nearly waste-free.