When looking for the best beet root powder around, you need to account for several important factors. Here’s how to find the best beet supplement.

Beets are known for three main things: their flavor, their color, and their amazing health benefits.

As time passes, beetroot supplements are becoming more popular due to their rich content of dietary nitrates.

While supplements are a great way of getting your daily dose of dietary nitrates, they’re not as necessary if whole beets are a consistent part of your diet.

However, for the rest of us who eat beets every once a while (if at all, in some cases), beetroot powder supplements are a great solution.

What is Beetroot Powder?

Beet powder is made from dried beets by cold pressing them, dehydrating the juice, and shipping it in powder form.

Supplements made from beets are popular due to their high nitrate content and ability to help boost energy levels.

People often choose beet supplements over beets mainly due to their flavor and ease of use.

Many supplements offer various flavorings, which is great if you don’t like the natural taste of beets.

Also, unlike whole beets which need to be prepared, beetroot powders can easily be mixed with water and consumed in a few minutes.

Beet Powder vs. Beet Crystals

When browsing through the various available supplements, you may find products labeled as concentrated beet crystals.

These concentrated beet crystals are finely powdered supplements that supposedly mix easily with water.

However, there difference between them and regular beet powders is virtually nonexistent, as most beet supplements come in finely granulated forms.

best beet root powderTypes of Supplements

There are various types of beet supplements available on the market.

The following are some of the most common and what sets them apart.

Beet Juice Concentrates

Concentrates are made by cold pressing beets into juice and dehydrating it.

To consume, you simply mix it with water and drink.

Additionally, concentrates offer more nitrate than regular powders on a per gram basis.

Beet Powders

When it comes to the usual beetroot powders, whole beets are ground up and dehydrated.

As opposed to juice concentrates, regular beet powders contain higher amounts of fiber.

Feel free to mix them with water or take a more creative approach and mix them with smoothies.

Beet Capsules

Capsules are made from regular beet powder and are good for people looking for practicality over substance.

Their small size makes it easy to carry and take, but also makes it hard to contain a good amount of nutrients.

Beet Extracts

Extracts usually come in the form of capsules but, unlike regular beet capsules, they standardize the amount of dietary nitrates.

If you’re choosing between extracts and capsules, extracts are the way to go if you want a more potent and consistent effect.

Choosing the Best Beet Root Powder

When looking for a supplement that will best fit your needs, beetroot powders are most likely your best bet.

They are packed with dietary nitrates, fiber, and nutrients that will help to promote your health.

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