Cyclists and fitness-centered individuals can always use a boost. Looking for the best beet root supplement for your fitness regimen? Here’s the answer.

best beet root supplement

Beetroots have many properties and characteristics that benefit people’s performance on a bike.

It makes it easier for your heart to pump out the blood you need, which lowers your blood pressure and makes workouts easier.

Best Beetroot Juice Doses for the Moderately Fit

According to a 2013 study, cyclists who drank high doses of concentrated beet juice ended up using around 3 percent less oxygen during workouts.

Cyclists use less energy to do the same amount of work than those in the placebo group.

Unfortunately, some studies found that beets had no particular benefit for individuals who were highly fit.

For example, one study explores the effects of drinking a cup of beet juice 2.5 hours before a 30-minute cycling session.

The participants in this study were elite triathletes.

They saw no significant improvements over the group who drank beetroot juice without any nitrates.

The nitrates in beets convert to nitrite and nitric oxide, promoting a widening of the blood vessels (vasodilation).

The nitrate boost is helpful for individuals who are either moderately fit or those who have no training.

The effect of this nitrate boost for those who are fit is different than it is for the average person.

According to past studies, individuals who are highly fit athletes don’t benefit much from this nitrate boost.

This is because athletic individuals naturally make a good amount of nitric oxide.

However, new research is finding that beets can be beneficial for highly fit athletes – they just need a bigger dose.

Best Beetroot Supplement for Runners & Cyclists

best beet root supplementFor athletes and highly fit people to get the same benefit from beetroot juice as people who are moderately fit, they need bigger doses.

According to a 2019 study in the journal Nitric Oxide, cyclists who took supplements with high doses of nitrates saw an improvement in their performance.

The participants were well-trained cyclists who drank two doses of concentrated beetroot juice (using double the usual dose).

They drank this for a week and two separate 10K time trials; they were masks to simulate sea level conditions for one trial and simulated 8,200 feet of elevation.

Afterwards, participants drank two shots of beet juice without any nitrates and did so for seven days, participating in the same 10K trials.

The results demonstrate that the cyclists perform better when they drank the nitrate-filled beet juice.

Their average power was about 5 watts better and they finished 1.6 percent faster when they drank the real stuff versus the fake, no-nitrate juice.

According to the authors, the study provided evidence that “chronic high-dose NO3 [nitrate] supplementation improves cycling performance of well-trained cyclists.”

What is the Best Beetroot Supplement?

As good news as this may be for highly athletic people, there is a caveat: to get the necessary doses, you have to eat a lot of beets.

While eating these many beets daily may not be healthy, there is a better alternative: beet supplements like HeartBeet Complete.

The nitrate concentration in beet supplements is much higher than in natural beets. Improve your performance and try HeartBeet Complete!