Keeping your cholesterol under control is important for your heart health. Learn about the best exercise to lower cholesterol.

Along with high blood pressure, high cholesterol is a significant risk factor for heart disease. If you want to lower your cholesterol levels, exercising is one of the best things you can do.

By combining it with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can significantly lower your cholesterol. Furthermore, you can even make it so you won’t have to take medication to control your levels.

Which type of exercise is better?

When it comes to lowering cholesterol, some people choose between aerobic and strength exercises. However, if you really want to make an impact, a combination of these exercises is the way to go.

According to a 2012 study in BMC Public Health, the ideal exercise for your heart health is a combination of both. By engaging in both types of exercises, people have greater benefits regarding fat loss, weight loss, and cardiorespiratory fitness.

Another factor to consider is the frequency of exercising, which should be at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly. Moreover, if you increase the amount to 300 minutes per week, you can gain even more benefits.

Nevertheless, any physical activity is better than nothing, so take it slow if you’re not currently active. One of the worse things you can do is overexert yourself at the beginning, causing you to give up entirely.

Best Exercise to Lower CholesterolBest Exercise to Lower Cholesterol

With a variety of exercise programs to choose from, it may be hard to get started. Still, don’t let this scare you, as most types of exercise routines can have a positive impact on your cholesterol.

The following are different exercise options you can consider as you get started on your journey.

  • Walking and Running: You can gain benefits from either of these options, as the amount of exercise matters more than the type. Furthermore, you can experience similar benefits from each if you exert the same level of energy.
  • Biking: If you want to expend the same amount of energy as jogging but have joint pain, try cycling. Also, studies suggest that people who bike to work were less likely to develop high cholesterol.
  • Swimming: Another type of effective aerobic exercise that is easy on the joints is swimming, as well as other water exercises. Moreover, they can provide similar cholesterol benefits as other exercises like jogging and biking.
  • Weight lifting: As a resistance exercise, lifting weights can help cholesterol as well as circulation. By combining it with aerobic exercises, you can significantly reduce your cholesterol levels.
  • Yoga: Even though it’s a low-intensity exercise, yoga may positively impact your cholesterol and heart health. According to certain studies, regularly practicing yoga may significantly improve cholesterol and blood pressure health.

Improving Cholesterol

If you generally lead a sedentary lifestyle, you may need help getting started. Your doctor can help you create a program that helps you gradually increase the amount of exercise you do.

Meanwhile, you can also take supplements like HeartBeet Complete to help you improve your blood pressure and cholesterol. It contains natural ingredients like beetroot powder, turmeric, l-arginine, l-citrulline, and CoQ10 to promote your heart health.

By pairing it with an exercise routine, you can both support your heart health and energy levels. Try HeartBeet Complete along with your weekly exercises to give your health the boost it needs.