Ready to improve your health by eating better? The following are some of the best heart healthy foods to add to your diet.

Since heart disease is responsible for almost one-third of deaths worldwide, it’s important to prevent it as much as possible. Fortunately, by making some healthy changes to your diet, you can make a big impact on your risk of heart disease. For this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the best heart healthy foods to add to your diet.

1. Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are great sources of vitamin K and nitrates, which can help improve arterial function and reduce blood pressure. In fact, some studies show that there is a link between a higher intake of leafy greens and a lower risk of heart disease. So fill up your diet with some spinach, kale, and collard greens to get a boost in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

2. Beets

Best Heart Healthy Foods to Add to Your DietBeetroots are highly nutritious vegetables that are full of vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. They are rich in dietary nitrates, which convert into nitric oxide, a molecule that relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure levels. Since high blood pressure is one of the leading factors in developing cardiovascular disease, it’s a good idea to include beets in your diet.

3. Whole Grains

According to studies, eating whole grains may lower your cholesterol, systolic blood pressure levels, and heart disease risk. Some common types include whole wheat, brown rice, oats, rye, barley, buckwheat, and quinoa. However, make sure you get products with ingredients like “whole grain” or “whole wheat” and not “wheat flour” or “multigrain” if you want to eat whole grain products.

4. Berries

Berries are rich in antioxidants that help protect your body against oxidative stress and inflammation, which are contributors to heart disease. By eating more berries, you can reduce various risk factors that increase your risk for heart disease. Whether you like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, or all of them, you can’t go wrong.

5. Avocados

If you like eating avocado on toast in the mornings, then great news: avocados are very heart-healthy. They are an excellent source of monounsaturated fats and potassium, which help lower cholesterol levels. Moreover, by getting at least 4.7 grams of potassium per day, you can reduce your blood pressure by 8.0/4.1 mmHg.

The Outlook

heartbeet completeAs time goes on, the connection between diet and heart disease only gets stronger. In other words, if you want to have a big impact on your heart health, then be mindful of what you eat.

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If you’re ready to give your heart the support it deserves, then include some of these foods in your diet and take HeartBeet Complete.