Everyone has different types of relationships in their life, but can your relationships put your heart at risk? Find out what the studies say.

While relationships can be good for your overall health and life expectancy, this only applies to good relationships. In fact, a bad relationship can create stress and problems that negatively impact your well-being.

In a 2007 study, researchers measured the relationship quality of 9,000 men and women. They analyzed various negative aspects of their relationships and monitored for any health problems. According to their results, people with “adverse” close relationships had a 34% increase in their risk of heart problems. 

Furthermore, a more recent 2016 study from the University of Michigan supports this finding. In their report, they note that “stress and [negative] relationship quality directly [affects] the cardiovascular system.”

Other studies suggest that there is a link between social isolation, inflammation, and hypertension. These studies compare isolation to physical inactivity during adolescence and suggest that it’s riskier than clinical factors when it comes to hypertension.

Finally, other studies connect prolonged conflict between two or more people and lower self-rated health and more. In other words, any kind of stress that comes from a relationship can remarkably impact the immune system.

Dealing with Bad Relationships

Can Your Relationships Put Your Heart At Risk?According to some research, couples tend to die younger when they have different styles of coping with anger. Having a mismatch of coping mechanisms leads to individuals suppressing their feelings, increasing their risk of early death.

For example, while one person may feel very dissatisfied, the other person may be completely unaware of the problems. It’s important to address the situation before it builds up over time.

Through effective conflict resolution, a relationship can be repaired and improved. However, unresolved conflict can negatively affect any relationship, whether it’s a romantic, platonic, or professional type of relationship.

While spending time with friends and family is generally good, the same does not apply to less desirable friends and family. Therefore, make sure you spend more time with those you enjoy being around and less with those who bring negativity into your life.

However, sometimes you just can’t avoid negative people, so what do you do? In these cases, practice relaxation techniques and manage your interactions with negative people so they won’t impact your health as much.

The Outlook

heartbeet completeIt’s important for your health that you surround yourself with people who support you and make you feel good. In addition, you can practice stress management techniques to help you cope with unpleasant relationships you can’t get away from like a negative boss or family member.

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