More and more people are realizing that heart problems and the coronavirus can be dangerous. What can coronavirus do t your blood and heart health?

As the coronavirus spread continues globally, everyone is growing more concerned. But those with a heart condition might need to be even more vigilant in their fight against the sickness and their fight to improve their heart health.

That’s because the concern about COVID-19 and its link to heart health and doing more damage to those with heart disease have warranted extra attention by organizations around the world.

In February, the American College of Cardiology issued a bulletin warning heart patient about the increased risk. Early indications show 40% of those hospitalized with coronavirus had cardiovascular disease or cerebrovascular disease. Those diseases are related to blood flow in the brain, including stroke.

“That statistic doesn’t mean people with heart disease are more likely to contract the coronavirus,” said Orly Vardeny, associate professor of medicine at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System and the University of Minnesota. “It just means that those folks are more likely to have complications once they do get it.”

Experts are stating the virus could affect heart disease patients in multiple ways that put them at a higher risk for more serious complications if they do contract the disease.

Why Do Those with Poor Heart Health Have Higher Risk?

Heart Health and the Coronavirus

While the virus targets the lungs, those with an unhealthy heart notice more severe complications because their heart is overworked. This disease puts added stress and strain on the heart.

With poor heart health and the coronavirus, individuals may also face a weaker immune system. That makes it more difficult to fight and eliminate the disease. Experts say if a person with a heart problem catches the coronavirus, he or she is likely to experience longer and more severe complications.

And while the heart health and immune system play a role in the severity of the complications, it’s possible individuals with more fatty build-up — plaque in the arteries — in their arteries may face more difficulty as a result of the coronavirus too. Evidence shows the coronavirus may destabilize plaque and cause a blockage in an artery, putting a patient at a greater risk for a heart attack.

With more information, we will continue to learn more and more about heart health and coronavirus. It’s important to always take care of your heart health and this may be another reason to be mindful of your heart.

In addition to taking care of your heart during the outbreak, be sure to wash your hands and keep surfaces clean while avoiding travel to areas where there has been an outbreak.

What Can You Do to Take Care of Your Heart?

We know we can all take steps in the right direction when it comes to our heart health. 

If you’re looking for ways to improve your heart health, remember physical activity is important and so is your diet. Be sure to get regular exercise and eat a healthy, balanced diet with little sodium.

It’s also important to understand key health numbers related to your heart. Be sure you’re aware of your blood pressure. Check it regularly if you know it is getting too high. It’s also important to have your cholesterol checked to help you identify if you need to do something about the plaque in your arteries. If you’re not sure where you currently stand, be sure to schedule an exam with your doctor. 

Keeping your heart healthy is an important step in fighting off any potential disease.

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