What does a heart attack look like? Do you know the signs of bad heart health? These are eight heart health symptoms you should never ignore.

Experiencing alarming chest pain while clutching your arm is what we picture when we think of heart problems. However, this doesn’t happen all the time, so it’s important that you’re aware of the following urgent heart health symptoms.

1. Chest Discomfort

As the most common sign, chest discomfort can feel like an elephant is sitting on you, pinching, or burning. Moreover, it can last longer than a few minutes and may not be as common among women.

2. Nausea, Indigestion, Heartburn, or Stomach Pain

Women are more likely to experience these types of symptoms during a heart attack. While the cause may be something other than your heart, be aware of them – especially if you’re at risk.

What does a heart attack look like? Do you know the signs of bad heart health? These are eight heart health symptoms you should never ignore.3. Arm Pain

Along with chest discomfort, pain that spreads to the arm and left side of the body is a classic sign. It commonly starts from the chest and moves outward, but it can also happen mainly in the arm.

4. Dizziness and Lightheadedness

While feeling faint or losing your balance momentarily may not be a cause for concern, be on the lookout. If it accompanies other symptoms like shortness of breath, it can indicate blood pressure and heart issues.

5. Jaw or Throat Pain

Muscular or sinus issues can cause this, but beware if it starts at your chest and spreads up. Seek medical attention immediately to make sure you’re okay as this type of jaw pain can signal a heart attack.

6. Exhaustion

Visit your doctor if you suddenly feel tired from doing something you usually don’t have a problem doing. In fact, this type of extreme exhaustion can be a sign of heart disease, especially for women.

7. Snoring

Sleep apnea can cause unusually loud snoring that sounds like choking and can put extra stress on your heart. Talk to your doctor to see if you need a sleep study and if a CPAP machine will benefit you.

8. Sweating

Like with other symptoms on this list, sweating by itself isn’t a problem unless it accompanies other symptoms. If you suddenly break out in a cold sweat for no reason, call 911 and get to the hospital immediately.

The Outlook

heartbeet completeThese are some of the symptoms you need to know so you can make the right call for your health. Other symptoms include a cough that won’t quit, swelling in your legs and an irregular heartbeat.

However, if you want to decrease the risk of experiencing a heart attack, you need to be proactive. Start eating healthier meals, exercising regularly, and taking daily supplements like HeartBeet Complete.

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