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My last doc visit my blood pressure was 160/107…I was scared. Doc wanted to put me on a diuretic but I hated the side effects of these blood pressure meds. I told my doc about this product but he told me not to waste my time. I did not waste my time….listening to him…that is…
He wrote the prescription and it remained unfilled…I researched foods that lower blood pressure and beets, celery, cucumbers, ginger, etc, were among those. Beets were rated really high. So when I found this product it was a win. I didn’t see any results the first week, but slowly it started to drop. This week started about 135/97. Today and yesterday its 135/85….wow. I have to control my salt intake more. THE ONLY THING I DID DIFFERENTLY WAS USE THIS PRODUCT.

Bevvy | On Amazon 12/28/2018

Tastes great and I think it is helping with my blood pressure! I have reordered it already!

Dorothy Higgins | On Amazon 08/18/2019

Helped get me off blood pressure meds. Be careful after a few weeks you start feeling really tired it’s because BP is too low, that’s when I stopped taking BP meds and stayed on beetroot.

Diabloos | On Amazon 12/15/2019

I like the flavor and benefits of this product, using it for circulation and cholesterol!

Danna A Rosado | On Amazon 06/10/2019

Taste good and it’s good for you, I’ll definitely buy it again

Cecilia | On Amazon 02/27/2018

This product really works. I am on high blood pressure meds and cholesterol medication and I still had high blood pressure. After about 2 and a half weeks at my dr appointment my blood pressure was 120/80. It has been consistently normal or better. Drinking this every morning is the only thing I did differently. Taste great . Works great

James Williams | On Amazon 02/10/2020

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