Beets might not seem all that beneficial, but they just might be the ticket your heart is waiting for.

If you aren’t familiar with what beets offer the health of the heart, we hope we can shed some light on beetroot benefits in this post. Here are the most important beetroot benefits.

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What Is beetroot?

The beetroot is the taproot portion of the beet plant. In addition to being used as food, beetroot is also a medicinal plant and food colorant. Most beets used are a deep red, but they can also come in golden or white colors. Beets have also been called blood turnips. The bright-red juice contains the chemical nitrate.

What are beetroot benefits for your heart?

Lowers blood pressure

In a study conducted at the Queen Mary University of London, beetroot juice lowered blood pressure in four weeks. Beetroot contains nitrates, which the body converts into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide expands the blood vessels.

The Newcastle University of London did a study that revealed similar findings – inorganic nitrate and beet juice supplementation helped lower blood pressure. Because the nitrates in beets lower blood pressure, it helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Yet another study showed that in just one week of regular beetroot juice dosing it improved endurance and blood pressure in older individuals at a risk of heart failure.

Amrita Ahluwalia, Professor of Vascular Biology at the William Harvey Research Institute, said: ‘We showed that beetroot and nitrate capsules are equally effective in lowering blood pressure indicating that it is the nitrate content of beetroot juice that underlies its potential to reduce blood pressure. We also found that only a small amount of juice is needed – just 250ml – to have this effect, and that the higher the blood pressure at the start of the study the greater the decrease caused by the nitrate. Our previous study two years ago found that drinking beetroot juice lowered blood pressure. Now we know how it works.”

Builds stamina

Nitrates are the active ingredient in beet juice, as well as spinach and other leafy vegetables. During exercise, these nitrates convert into nitric oxide. Aerobic exercises may be easier, as nitric oxide increases and improves oxygen intake.

A study conducted by the University of Exeter and Peninsula Medical School found that healthy young men were able to increase their stamina by up to 16 percent after drinking a glass of beetroot juice for a week.

Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO, wanted to know if patients with heart failure could get the kind of benefits athletes find in beet juice. Would something as simple as a nitrate supplement or drink bring improvements?

The research team gave each member of their study group a beet juice treatment. Everyone received what appeared to be the same beet juice, the difference being that the nitrate content had been removed from some, making it a placebo beet juice. Two hours after drinking the juice, patients who consumed the beet juice containing nitrates showed a 13% increase in power in muscles that extend the knee, with the most benefit when they moved at the greatest speed. The size of the benefit was estimated by the researchers by comparing the improvement in muscle power in an exercise program.

Nitric Oxide

Andrew R. Coggan, PhD, assistant professor of radiology at the Washington University School of Medicine, says: “I have compared the beet-juice effect to Popeye eating his spinach. The magnitude of this improvement is comparable to that seen in heart failure patients when they take beetroot juice.”

In conclusion, beetroot produces a gas known as nitric oxide in the blood which widens blood vessels and arteries consequently lowering blood pressure.

It’s that process that enables beets to offer so many significant benefits. By improving your blood flow, you will have healthier blood pressure and better cholesterol levels. Beetroot juice can also boost stamina, increase endurance and energy, boost muscle development, and improve circulation.

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