Consuming beets (either whole or through supplements) is beneficial for your health. Read below to learn how beetroot may boost your health.

According to previous research, our gut microbiota can positively affect your health and overall wellness. While the information we have on oral bacteria mainly focuses on gum disease, it may also help produce nitric oxide.

To illustrate, various species of oral bacteria convert inorganic nitrate from vegetables into nitrate, a precursor to nitric oxide. Now, a recent study shows that consuming beets can help promote better cardiovascular health because they’re rich in inorganic nitrate.

As a result of their nitrate content, beets can help lower blood pressure in those with hypertension (high blood pressure). Nitrates convert into nitric oxide, which is a natural vasodilator that widens blood vessels and naturally improves circulation.

“Maintaining this healthy oral microbiome in the long term might slow down the negative vascular and cognitive changes associated with aging,” says lead author Anni Vanhatalo.

You can find the study in the journal Redox Biology.

Nitrate-rich vs. Nitrate-depleted Juice

How Beetroot May Boost Your HealthThere were 26 participants in the study between the ages of 70 and 80. Researchers divided them into two groups: one who drank nitrate-rich juice and another who drank nitrate-depleted juice. The groups switched their drinks after a washout period of 3 days. There was no discernable difference between the smell and taste of either type of drink.

Participants underwent a variety of physiological and cognitive exams before, throughout, and after the study.

According to the results, those who drank ordinary beet juice had more oral bacteria related to good vascular and cognitive health. Moreover, their saliva shows that they had a lower number of bacteria associated with inflammation.

After 10 days of drinking nitrate-rich juice, participants’ systolic blood pressure (SBP) dropped by 5 mm Hg. They also had more nitric oxide in their blood and performed better on tests of sustained attention.

“Our participants were healthy, active, older people with generally good blood pressure,” Vanhatalo explains. “Dietary nitrate reduced their blood pressure on average, and we are keen to find out whether the same would happen in other age groups and among people in poorer health.”

The Outlook

Best Heart Health SupplementWhile this specific study focuses on how oral bacteria helps improve blood pressure, it’s all due to beets’ nitrate content. Since nitrate turns into nitric oxide, a natural vasodilator that improves circulation, beets are helpful in improving vascular health.

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