Currently, about 86 million Americans have some form of heart disease and many of those with it, could have had some help to prevent it with an amino acid.

L-arginine supplements have received a lot of attention lately because of  heart benefits, yet, many people still ignore them despite all it can offer.

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We wanted to share a little more about why and how l-arginine may be able to help you heart.

What are L-arginine supplements?

Arginine, also know as L-arginine, is a type of amino acid that the body makes and also consumes in certain foods. Arginine-rich foods include red meat, fish, poultry, wheat germ, grains, nuts, and dairy products. While not exactly an “essential” amino acid, or an amino acid that the body cannot make on its own, L-arginine is considered essential because it’s important for many functions.

One of the biggest benefits of L-arginine is its ability to improve blood flow and circulation because it is converted into nitric oxide, which causes blood vessels to open wider. L-arginine is also available as a nutritional supplement.

Why do we need L-arginine supplements?

To learn more about the role of L-arginine in the body, it helps to understand how nitric oxide (NO) works. Nitric oxide is a type of natural gas that both plants and animals produce. It’s created using L-arginine and is actually a type of by-product that forms from different chemical reactions. L-arginine is needed by the cells that line the inside of all blood vessels in order to form enough NO to keep blood flowing freely.

Nitric oxide improves circulation, so when people don’t have enough in their arteries their risk for heart disease is higher. NO keeps the blood pressure level within a normal range by signaling blood vessel muscles to relax, expand and let blood through, while also preventing clots and plaque from forming. Studies suggest that as someone ages, their ability to produce enough NO in their artery linings decreases. Therefore, it is beneficial to obtain more L-arginine to enhance nitric oxide capabilities when one gets older.

How does it help improve heart health?

Research has shown that L-arginine helps:

  • Benefit general circulation
  • Promote better blood flow in clogged arteries
  • Reduce high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Aid in erectile dysfunction
  • Fight coronary artery disease
  • Help with chest pain or angina by preventing blood clots
  • Lower inflammation and high cholesterol
  • Improve health of blood vessels
  • Benefit general physical stamina
  • Relieve congestive heart failure
  • Increase blood flow to hands and feet for diabetics
    Enhance athletic performance

For people with heart disease or those that have high risk factors of getting heart disease, L-arginine supplements can be an effective measure for preventing a future heart attack or stroke. Many cardiologists are now recommending L-arginine supplementation.

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