If you have faint lines on your legs and face, they might be spider veins. They’re usually blue, purple, or red and appear in thin lines, webs, and branches. Spider veins aren’t painful or harmful, but some people want to treat them for cosmetic reasons. In this article, we’ll discuss how to prevent spider veins and how to treat them!

Causes of Spider Veins

Spider veins occur when the valves inside the veins stop working properly. If the valve is weakened or damaged, blood might not flow the right direction, causing it to pool inside the vein. Over time, the blood makes its way outside the vein and branches out to form a spider vein. Spider veins on the face are usually caused by a tiny blood vessel that burst.

How to Prevent Spider Veins

In order to know how to prevent spider veins, let’s look at risk factors for spider veins.

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy
  • Being Female
  • Being Overweight
  • Hormones
  • Sitting or Standing for Long Periods of Time
  • A Previous Blood Clot
  • Vein Damage
  • Excess Pressure in the Face
  • Sun Damage

Obviously, a lot of these causes are inevitable, like age and genetics! However, there are some things that you can control. If you sit all day, try to walk around a few times per hour. In addition, you can lose weight to alleviate some pressure on your veins.

How to Treat Spider Veins

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings like support pantyhouse, gradient compression stockings, and prescription compression stockings provide extra pressure to the feet and legs, helping to improve blood flow.


Sclerotherapy is a procedure in which an irritant is injected directly into the vein. When the walls of the vein are irritated, they stick together, preventing blood from flowing into the area.

Laser Treatment

Healthcare professionals can use a laser to treat spider veins close to the surface of the skin. The laser causes the spider vein to dry up.

Varicose Veins vs Spider Veins

Spider veins are different from varicose veins. Varicose veins are large, lumpy veins that twist and turn and appear bumpy under the skin. Varicose veins are much more serious than spider veins and sometimes require medical attention.

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Improved circulation can help prevent spider veins and varicose veins! 

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