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Key Ingredients in Heartbeet Complete

L-arginine (4,000mg) – L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that is utilized within the body to increase nitric oxide production within the walls of the blood vessels. L-arginine is rapidly absorbed and utilized by the body for a rapid boost in nitric oxide production.

L-citrulline (800mg) – L-citrulline is an amino acid converted into l-arginine within the body and then utilized to increase nitric oxide within the walls of the blood vessels. The body uses l-citrulline over time to extend the increase in nitric oxide.

Beetroot Powder (1,000mg) – Nitrates in Beetroot powder naturally and safely increase nitric oxide within the blood vessels. Beetroot is nutrient dense and offers significant support when it comes to your health. 

Tumeric (1,000mg) – Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and is packed with bioactive compounds. Turmeric works as an antioxidant while supporting the lining of the blood vessels to safely support nitric oxide production.

CoQ10 (25mg) – CoQ10 is found in every single cell in the body and used to produce energy the body needs. CoQ10 works as a protective antioxidant to support the health of your heart. 

Red Wine Extract 30% (100 mg) – Red wine extract serves as an additional antioxidant to protect and support the heart.

Vitamin C (60mg) – Vitamin C is known to fight infections and support the immune system but also offers significant support for the health of your heart.

Astragin (50mg) – Astragin is added to improve the absorption and effectiveness of every ingredient included in Heartbeet Complete.

Vitamin D3 100,000 IU/g (950 I/U) – Vitamin D3 is an important vitamin for the absorption of key minerals.

Vitamin K (80mcg) – Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin. Vitamin K deficiency can lead to serious health concerns.

Vitamin B6 (2mg) – Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that offers versatility and is utilized in more than 100 enzyme reactions. Vitamin B6 is a noted vitamin to help boost energy naturally.

Cyanocobalamin B12 (6mcg) – B12 is another key B vitamin utilized in a variety of functions within the body. Vitamin B12 also helps support energy levels naturally without side effects 

Folic Acid 10% (400mcg) – Folic acid is another type of B vitamin found in a variety of foods. Folic acid is a key factor in producing and maintain the health of new cells. 

Trace Minerals (100mg) – Trace minerals include iron, zinc, selenium, chromium and more to help support your health.

*Formula is Has Not Been Finalized and is Subject to Change.
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