Ever wonder what affects your heart health? Here are some of the most common questions and answers about heart health.

As we get older, it’s only reasonable that we have questions regarding our heart health. How can I improve it? What habits are negatively affecting me? Everyone has similar questions – and here are some answers.

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about heart health. These answers come from experts at NYU Langone’s Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. Keep reading to find out how to prevent heart disease and much more.

How is cholesterol connected to heart disease?

According to several years of research, there is a close connection between cholesterol levels and heart disease. For this reason, your doctor may assess your heart disease risk by requesting a lipid profile to determine your cholesterol levels.

Most Common Questions and Answers About Heart HealthWhat does diet have to do with my cholesterol levels?

While the body makes its own cholesterol, doctors take these into account in addition to the cholesterol produced by what you eat. Because you can’t control how much cholesterol your body makes, you should avoid foods that significantly increase your cholesterol.

How important is it to manage my dietary cholesterol and saturated fat?

If you want to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, then limiting saturated and trans fats will make the biggest impact. Moreover, you can lower your cholesterol by eating a diet high in fiber and losing weight.

Should I worry about heart disease if I have low total cholesterol levels?

People with low total cholesterol levels can still be at an increased risk for heart disease due to family history and other factors. Furthermore, if you have metabolic syndrome, your risk also increases.

Will fish oil capsules help my cholesterol levels?

Even though fish oil can help lower triglycerides, it does not affect your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. However, you may receive other benefits from fish oil such as lowering the risk of your blood clotting.

Do cholesterol-lowering drugs help after a heart attack?

By using cholesterol-lowering drugs like statins after a heart attack, you may significantly lower your chances of experiencing another one. Also, if you haven’t had one but are at risk, these medications may help prevent a heart attack or stroke.

The Outlook

heartbeet completeWhile you may have other questions in mind, these are some of the most common questions people have about heart health. If you have any others, talk to your doctor and they will be able to answer questions that pertain to your specific situation.

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