Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring chemical compound in the body that many refer to as a “miracle molecule.”

Its main purpose is to stimulate blood vessel dilation, which allows oxygen and nutrients to circulate at optimal levels.

This compound is highly regarded because of its effect on every cell in the body. It activates chemical pathways that relax blood vessels and increase blood flow. In addition, this activity helps prevent countless diseases throughout your body.

Nitric oxide offers significant benefits beyond what most people ever would even realize. In addition, the health of all of your organ systems improves with ample amounts of nitric oxide, which helps to prevent cellular deterioration.

The body’s foundational building block

The enzyme nitric oxide synthase produces nitric oxide from essential amino acids found in fresh produce, green tea, meats and grains. The nitrates found in your body are metabolized into nitric oxide. This molecule works to improve everything from cellular immunity, endurance, recovery rates, and cellular healing.

When the body has healthy amounts of this substance, blood vessels are triggered to expand, which aids in pumping oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. In fact, nitric oxide benefits include improving glucose absorption that directly lowers blood sugar levels. The more of this chemical compound that circulates throughout your body, the less likely you are to suffer from common chronic diseases like high blood sugar levels and high blood pressure that lead to the formation of disease.

How age influences nitric oxide levels

Nitric oxide is an unstable substance that depletes over time, which is why it must be replenished regularly. For instance, as your body ages, it becomes susceptible to various deficiencies that lead to disease and deterioration.

If you do not consume enough high-nitrate vegetables, nitric oxide levels fall and lead to a deficiency. Researchers observe that by the age of 40, you produce only half the l-arginine you produced when you were younger.

Consequently, as nitric oxide levels continue to decrease, symptoms associated with “old age,” such as fatigue, poor concentration, high blood pressure and decreased heart function, proliferate.

Rejuvenate your health using natural supplements

Without healthy levels of nitric oxide, none of your body’s organ systems work as intended and signs and symptoms of aging accelerate. To boost nitric oxide benefits, it is imperative to absorb l-arginine and l-citrulline as a dietary supplement.

While l-arginine triggers the body to make protein, l-citrulline increases the supply of nutrients needed to produce proteins. As the body metabolizes l-arginine into nitric oxide, you’ll experience desirable physiological changes.

By maintaining a healthy flow of amino acids, you can immediately enhance nitric oxide levels in your body to not only strengthen your blood vessels but reinvigorate your heart’s health.

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