Power Beets by Healthy Delights is a nitrate-rich supplement with amazing taste – but does it work? Let’s find out if this beet supplement does the job.

Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians have been using beets for their wellbeing since the ancient times.

It’s no wonder why once you learn about the exceptional health properties of beets.

According to research, raw beets and beet juice may offer several health benefits such as better circulation and blood pressure.

Part of this is due to their nutrition content: nitrates, vitamin C, manganese, potassium, anti-oxidants, folate, and betaine.

Certain studies even report that beets may help enhance workout performance by promoting blood flow to the muscles.

Easy to Consume Benefits

power beetsIf you want to start the day right, try the nutritious and tasty Power Beets powder.

Some people hate the taste of beets, which is an easy solution for Power Beets since you can mix it into juices, smoothies, shakes, or your favorite beverage.

It will taste great even if you decide to simply mix it with water.

However, this powder is not limited to beverages – you can mix it with some of your favorite snacks and desserts just as well.

You don’t have to choose anymore between delicious food and healthy food – just add this superfood supplement to your favorite treats and enjoy.

What Makes Power Beets Amazing

1. Magnesium and Vitamin C

Both these nutrients have their great benefits.

Magnesium supports bone health vitamin C supports the body’s immune system.

2. Superfood

Part of what makes beets a superfood is their high-nutrient content.

Beets are full of manganese, fiber, potassium, and vitamin C which are key for healthy muscles and nerves.

3. Supports Circulation

According to some studies, those who drink beet juice have better endurance than those who don’t when it comes to workouts.

Since the nitrates in beets convert into nitric oxide, this helps promote oxygen flow and circulation to the muscles.

Overall, this helps boost athletic performance, stamina, and circulation.

Better Than Other Beetroot Powders

One of the things that makes this powder standout is the blend of pomegranate and acai berry flavors.

Because it mixes well with your favorite beverages and treats, Power Beets can be part of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Full of nutrients like fiber and vitamin C, you will be surprised at how delicious this healthy supplement tastes.

Moreover, it doesn’t contain any preservatives or artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors – and all with just 15 calories per serving.

Finally, Power Beets are non-GMO, organic, and made in the USA from pure, natural ingredients.