If you have heart disease, can you work out? Learn the steps you need to take when it comes to strengthening a weak heart through exercise.

Having heart disease doesn’t mean you need to stop working out; in fact, it’s essential that you get regular exercise. By being physically active, you can make your “weak” heart stronger and effectively manage your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The following information explains how you can be physically active even when you have heart disease.

Heart and Exercise

In addition to making your heart stronger, regular exercise helps you be more active without chest pain or additional symptoms. Moreover, it can help you lower your cholesterol and blood pressure while also helping you control your blood sugar levels.

Exercise can also help keep your bones strong, help you lose weight, and feel better overall. Before starting an exercise program, talk to a doctor if you’ve recently had a heart attack or heart procedure. Also, let them know if you’ve been having shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, and have diabetes.

Exercising Safely

strengthening a weak heartYour healthcare provider can help you find the best exercise for you, but usually aerobic activities like walking work fine. Stretch five minutes before exercising, take breaks before you get too tired, and stop if you have any heart symptoms.

Also, avoid extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold) and consider light weight training as a support for aerobic workouts. Depending on your condition, you may qualify for a formal cardiac rehabilitation program, which helps you recover from heart disease.

If your workouts are too strenuous, they may cause dizziness, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, and nausea. Pay attention to these warning signs, know how to treat them, and stop what you’re doing if you experience them.

Let your doctor know what symptoms you experience, how often, and keep track of your resting and exercising pulse rate. Finally, make sure you drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks during any strenuous activities.

Contact Your Doctor If…

If you feel pain, pressure, tightness, or heaviness in the chest, arm, neck, or jaw, you should contact your doctor. In addition, call if you feel shortness of breath, gas pains, indigestion, numbness in your arms, sweatiness, or lightheadedness.

Furthermore, call your doctor if you have angina that becomes stronger, occurs more often, and lasts longer. These may all be signs that your heart disease is getting worse. Also, keep a lookout if your angina happens when you’re resting or it doesn’t get better when you take medicine.

Best Heart Health SupplementStrengthening a Weak Heart

Exercise is a great way to make your heart stronger, whether it’s before or after you have heart disease. By following these steps and your doctor’s guidelines, you can create a safe workout plan that will improve your health.

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