Beets are a superfood that offer various health benefits, which is why there are plenty of supplements around – but which is the best beet product?

Beetroot supplements are easy to find, mainly due to the health benefits they claim to provide.

One of the most popular beet supplements on the market is SuperBeets.

SuperBeets claims to lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and increase energy levels.

The following examines this supplement to see if it really is the best beet product around.

The Basics: What is SuperBeets?

One of the reasons why beets are so beneficial is due to their high nitrate content.

Nitrate converts into nitric oxide, which helps dilate blood vessels and protect cells from damage.

Therefore, beets may help improve circulation and decrease blood pressure levels.

SuperBeets is made from beet crystals and offers the benefits of whole beets without having to eat them.

According to HumanN, the company behind SuperBeets, just 1 teaspoon of this supplement has the same amount of nitric oxide as 3 whole beets.

The formula contains beetroot powder, malic acid, magnesium ascorbate, and stevia leaf.

It is made from non-GMO beets grown in the U.S. and the powder comes in a natural apple flavor and black cherry flavor.

the best beet productBlood Pressure Benefits

The main basis behind HumanN’s claims that it can help lower blood pressure is the research done on beetroot juice.

Due to the nitrate and nutrient content found in SuperBeets, it may help lower blood pressure just as beet juice does.

However, research specifically dedicated to SuperBeets is lacking.

Nonetheless, research that focuses on its main components (beets and nitrates) is promising.

According to some studies, beet juice that is rich in nitrate can significantly lower blood pressure within a short span of three hours.

Other studies associate beet juice supplementation with lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels.

By increasing the level of nitrates in the body, beetroot juice may lower blood pressure and increase circulation.

While there are several testimonials attesting to the results of SuperBeets, the only study focusing on SuperBeets was funded by HumanN.

In other words, more research is necessary to conclusively determine the effects of this beet supplement.

Dosage and Side Effects

The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon a day, mixed with water.

One serving supposedly equals three beets, but the amount of nitrates is not provided.

This makes it hard to compare the dosage of SuperBeets to those of the beet juice used in previous studies.

While it appear to be safe to drink at the recommended dosage, there are no studies covering its side effects or safety.

Some of the most common criticisms include its taste and its cost.

One canister containing 30 servings costs $39.95 – with a discounted price of $34.95 if you subscribe to receive one canister every 30 days.

Due to its potential to lower blood pressure levels, not everyone should take supplements.

People taking medications should speak with their doctor before adding SuperBeets to their routine.

Is SuperBeets the Best Beet Product?

Two of the most popular health benefits of beetroot juice is its ability to boost athletic performance and lower blood pressure.

Because SuperBeets is made from dehydrated beets, it may offer some of the same benefits.

However, more studies are necessary to conclusively determine the effectiveness of this supplement.

While it is certainly one of the most popular beet supplements on the market, there are other options that provide those same benefits and more.

For example, HeartBeet Complete contains a blend of beetroot powder, l-arginine, turmeric, and various other key vitamins and minerals.

By blending all these ingredients together, it helps support blood pressure, healthy cholesterol, energy levels, and circulation.

If you want to increase your nitric oxide levels and experience better circulation, try HeartBeet Complete.