Millions of people struggle to keep their blood pressure in check, and one of the reasons reported to make that battle even more difficult might surprise you.

Recent research suggests our dental health could be limiting our ability to see real changes in our blood pressure.

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Researchers reported adults with hypertension on medications saw their systolic blood pressure high as the health of their teeth and gums declined. Individuals with inflamed gums were 20 percent less likely to bring their blood pressure to a healthy level compared to those individuals showing no signs of inflammation on their gums.

The report is in the journal Hypertension.

What Does this Mean?

More than 75 million Americans have high blood pressure. That sign alone puts them at a higher risk to suffer a heart attack, stroke, and many other health concerns.

Unfortunately, only about half of those folks with high blood pressure have successfully reduced their blood pressure to healthy levels.

With this new study, individuals with high blood pressure now have another factor to consider when approaching how to lower their blood pressure. While the new research didn’t prove causation between gum disease and hypertension, researches suspect poor gum health is another indicator of inflammation throughout the body. This makes it more difficult to manage high blood pressure.

Individuals with high blood pressure and poor oral health can expect a more difficult road to healthier blood pressure.

If hypertension is a concern, consider your dental health.

 Patients with hypertension should plan a way to improve their oral health as well as combat high blood pressure.

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