One of the things you can do to improve heart health is to prevent heart disease, but what are the signs of an unhealthy heart?

If you want to reduce the risk of heart disease, it’s important that you recognize the early signs. However, since the symptoms can pop up all over the body, pinpointing these signs can be easier said than done. To help you detect heart disease in its early stages, here are 5 heart disease signs you need to know.

1. Fatigue

While being tired all the time is often a result of a busy lifestyle, it may also indicate that you’re having heart problems. According to cardiologist Satjit Bhusri, MD, heart disease can affect your energy levels.

“When the heart muscle or valves begin to fail, it may be a slow failure, and the symptoms may well be so subtle as fatigue,” says Bhusri.

2. Running Out of Breath

If you’re running out of breath every time you walk up a flight of stairs, it may be a sign of heart disease. A healthy heart muscle should effectively pump blood around your body and efficiently transport oxygen. Moreover, symptoms of other heart problems like cardiomyopathy include exercise intolerance and shortness of breath.

What Are the Signs of an Unhealthy Heart?3. Anxiety

“When the electricity [of the heart] short circuits, it may manifest as anxiety or palpitations,” says Bhusri. In other words, what you may think is just regular anxiety may actually be a symptom of poor heart health. Furthermore, studies in ​Current Psychiatry Reports​ associate anxiety disorders, stress, and panic attacks with cardiovascular problems.

4. Dizziness

According to the Mayo Clinic, poor circulation stops the brain and inner ear from receiving enough blood. This can result in a woozy and lightheaded feeling as the inner ear maintains your sense of balance. In other words, if your heart isn’t able to pump enough blood, it can cause dizziness when you stand up.

5. Chest Pain

If you feel a burning sensation in your chest area, it may simply be heartburn – or it can be something more serious. “When the [heart’s] plumbing is clogged, it may present slowly as vague pains around the chest, arm, neck, and back,” says Bhusri. Be aware of any painful sensations in these areas.

The Outlook

2 Bottles of HeartBeet CompleteWhile these symptoms may not be a sign of something serious, together they may indicate heart problems. If you experience any of these signs, talk to your doctor to make sure your heart is healthy.

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