There are various beet supplements available on the market, but what does beet root do for you? Learn about its impressive health benefits.

Beets are highly nutritious vegetables that are full of key vitamins, minerals, and compounds with medicinal properties. Whether you want to add whole beets to your diet or get the benefits from a supplement, this superfood can help. The following are evidence-based benefits that beets can provide.

1. High Nutrients, Low Calories

What Does Beet Root Do for You?Not only do beets contain a high amount of nutrients, but they are also very low in calories and fat. Some of the nutrients they contain include folate, manganese, copper, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, and fiber.

2. Blood Pressure Management

There are various studies analyzing beets and their ability to help lower elevated blood pressure levels. These effects are likely due to their high nitrate content. To illustrate, nitrates convert into nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a molecule that relaxes blood vessels, improves circulation, and helps lower blood pressure.

3. Athletic Boost

Dietary nitrates in beets not only help with blood pressure but can also help enhance athletic performance. In fact, nitrates can help athletes by improving the efficiency of mitochondria, which helps produce energy in the body’s cells. Beets may also help by increasing endurance, boosting cardiorespiratory performance, and promoting efficiency for athletes.

4. Inflammation Defense

Betalains are the pigments responsible for the bright red color of beets. In addition, they also possess several anti-inflammatory properties. These properties may help fight chronic inflammation, but more research is necessary to determine how effective these anti-inflammatory effects can be.

5. Digestive Help

In addition to containing a high amount of nitrates, beets have a good amount of fiber, which helps with digestion. Fiber can help promote digestive health by keeping you regular and preventing constipation, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), and other digestive conditions.

6. Brain Boost

Helping to improve circulation is not something that only benefits your blood pressure – it can also benefit your brain health. By increasing blood flow to the brain, beets can help improve cognitive function. While more research is necessary, studies have shown that beets improve circulation to the frontal lobe of the brain. This area is associated with decision-making, working memory, and other higher-level thinking abilities.

The Outlook

heartbeet completeBy eating beets or taking beet supplements, you can enjoy a variety of health benefits. From increasing your nutrient intake to lowering your blood pressure to boosting your fitness and more. If beets are not a regular part of your diet, then what are you waiting for?

If the taste of beets is not to your liking, then consider taking a supplement like HeartBeet Complete. In addition to beetroot powder, it contains L-arginine, L-citrulline, CoQ10, turmeric, and various vitamins and minerals to help improve circulation and more. Give your health the support it deserves by adding beets to your routine and taking HeartBeet Complete.