Certain supplements contain Coenzyme Q10 in their ingredients, but what is Coenzyme Q10 good for? Learn about the benefits here.

The body naturally produces a compound called Coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10) to help generate energy in the cells. However, as people age, their CoQ10 levels tend to decrease, which is where supplementing helps.

It’s important that you have a sufficient amount of this compound, as deficiencies have been linked to various health conditions. To give you a better picture of what CoQ10 is good for, here are 6 benefits of this helpful compound.

1. Heart Failure

Conditions like hypertension and coronary artery disease lead to oxidative damage, heart malfunction, and other conditions that cause heart failure. However, studies suggest that CoQ10 may help reduce oxidative damage, increase energy levels, and help the heart function.

2. Fertility

As people age, their CoQ10 levels decrease, which means the female body is more at risk for oxidative damage. In turn, their fertility decreases as the eggs are affected by this damage, but CoQ10 supplements may help increase protection. Moreover, CoQ10 may also help improve sperm quality, activity, and concentration through antioxidant protection.

3. Skin Health

What Is Coenzyme Q10 Good For?Your skin is continuously exposed to both internal and external agents that damage your skin health and contribute to aging. Fortunately, applying CoQ10 directly to your skin can help reduce this damage, while oral supplements may help with skin cancer.

4. Headaches

If you have an abnormal mitochondrial function, you may experience low brain cell energy and headaches – even migraines. Nevertheless, CoQ10 can improve mitochondrial function and reduce the inflammation you experience during migraines, helping to reduce symptoms.

5. Workout Performance

In addition to headaches, abnormal mitochondrial function can affect exercise performance by reducing muscle energy. However, CoQ10 can help by improving this function and by reducing the oxidative stress in your cells.

6. Diabetes

Individuals with diabetes have insulin resistance, but CoQ10 can improve insulin sensitivity and help regulate blood sugar levels. Furthermore, supplements may increase CoQ10 concentrations in the blood in those who have diabetes and a deficiency of this compound. Some studies also show that it may help prevent diabetes by reducing the accumulation of fat cells that lead to type 2 diabetes.

The Outlook

Best Heart Health SupplementThese are only some of the health benefits associated with CoQ10 and how they can help you. By taking CoQ10 supplements, you can help restore your levels as you age and boost your overall health.

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