Is high blood pressure an issue you’re dealing with? Learn the answer to what is vasodilation and how it can help your overall circulation issues.

Basically, vasodilation is when the blood vessels widen due to the smooth muscles in the large vein and artery walls relaxing.

It leads to a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in blood flow through the blood vessels.


what is vasodilationWhen you experience inflammation, vasodilation helps your immune cells reach those areas.

It does this by increasing the permeability of the blood vessel walls and increasing blood flow to the area.

Inflammation has pros and cons. One of the vasodilation benefits is how it helps to fight off foreign invaders to our body.

However, inflammation can be dangerous when it comes to severe allergic reactions or chronic inflammatory diseases.

Vasodilation works with inflammatory responses when you get injured (by twisting an ankle, for example), experience an allergic reaction, or have a chronic disease.

The immune system starts working when the body senses a foreign substance enter.

Vasodilation Causes

Histamine promotes the widening of blood vessels in these cases, causing vasodilation.

Sometimes, the immune system attacks healthy cells such as when people have chronic diseases like lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, or rheumatoid arthritis.

In these circumstances, inflammation and vasodilation are especially present.

These conditions may lead to cardiovascular issues because they can exhibit dysfunction in blood vessel widening and causes other issues with blood vessel functions.


what is vasodilationVasodilation leads to a drop in blood pressure by widening the blood vessels, increasing blood flow, and decreasing pressure on the blood vessel walls.

While a decrease in blood pressure levels is generally good, a drop that is abnormally low can lead to hypotension.

Not everyone with hypotension will experience side effects, but some will feel dizzy, experience nausea, and may even faint.

In the most extreme cases, experiencing significantly low blood pressure levels can be life-threatening.

There are various factors and causes that can lead to hypotension, including blood loss, allergic reactions, severe infections, dehydration, and even medications.

If you take medications to deal with high blood pressure, make sure you follow the recommended dosages to avoid hypotension.

Additional Factors

There are multiple factors that affect vasodilation such as weight, elevation, age, temperature, and vasodilation drugs.

When there is a decrease in available nutrients, an increase in temperature, or low oxygen levels, the body will naturally experience blood vessel widening.

While this process is generally harmless and natural, it can be damaging in certain cases.

If you experience severe hypotension, allergic reactions, or inflammatory responses, it can be damaging to your health.

However, in general, vasodilation can be great when it comes to dealing with high-altitude sickness or high blood pressure.

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