An article published in Harvard Healthy Publishing in February 2020 discussed what to know about red meat, processed meat, and your heart health. These findings can help you know how to best take care of your health!

What to Know About Red Meat, Processed Meat, and Heart Health

Red Meat

People have been eating red meat throughout human history. Human digestive systems are well equipped to handle it. So why, now, are people concerned about eating too much of it?

The short answer is, the red meat that we eat today is very different from the red meat eaten by our ancestors. Ancient cows roamed free and ate grass and other plants. Cows today are farmed, born and raised in a factory, fed grain-based feed and given hormones and antibiotics.

Some meat products are even more processed after initial processing. These processes include smoking, curing, nitrate treatments, preservatives, and other chemical processes.

Red meat is very high in saturated fat and has been linked to poor heart health. You don’t need to totally cut out red meat from your diet, but you should consider the quantity and frequency that you eat it.

The Harvard article says, “Dr. Hu suggests that people focus not so much on actual serving sizes, but rather on red meat’s placement in meals. ‘Instead of the main course, use red meat as a side dish,’ he says. ‘Consider red meat a luxury and not a staple food.’”

Many think that eating organic or grass-fed beef won’t solve your problem. These options are no better for you than other kinds of beef.

The article goes on to say, “’These types of red meat are often more desirable as they contain low or no growth hormones compared with grain-fed beef, but it’s still not clear if they offer any health benefits,’ says Dr. Hu.”

Processed Meat

Processed meats are similarly bad for your heart. They have lots of added chemicals and sodium in addition to already high fat and calorie content.

The article says, “For processed meat, Dr. Hu says there is a much stronger association with a higher risk of heart disease and cancer (especially colon cancer). Processed meat products contain high amounts of additives and chemicals, which may contribute to health risks. ‘Again, there is not a specific amount that is considered safe, so you should keep processed meat intake to a minimum,’ he says.”

Take Care of Your Heart

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