New research points to beets as a way to help prevent your heart muscle from stiffening which affects blood pressure.

High blood pressure makes the heart muscle thicken so it can create more force to pump the blood out. This pressure also injures your arteries, making them stiffer which further raises already high blood pressure. The stiffer your heart is, the longer it takes to relax.

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When this happens, you may experience shortness of breath, swelling in your legs, an inability to exercise, and early fatigue. This is called diastolic heart failure. That happens when the squeezing portion of the heart function remains normal but the relaxing function doesn’t.

People who develop severe symptoms from a stiffer heart also often have less of a chemical called nitric oxide circulating in their body. Nitric oxide is a very strong chemical that causes your blood vessels to relax, which improves blood flow to your organs, muscles, and your heart.

Why Beets Help With High Blood Pressure

When you consume inorganic nitrates, they release nitric oxide in your body. Many foods are rich in inorganic nitrates. Plants typically extract inorganic nitrates from the soil and their environment. Inorganic nitrates are particularly abundant in the roots of beets.

A 2014 research review in Nitric Oxide showed that a diet including inorganic nitrates from beet juice can lower blood pressure. A 2015 study in Hypertension showed similar results. It can also improve exercise, boost oxygen delivery to the heart, and enhance the general health of blood vessels.

Drinking a glass of beet juice may have an immediate impact on lowering blood pressure, according to a new study done in Australia.

The study shows lowered systolic blood pressure by an average of 4-5 points.

“It’s promising that we can see an effect from a single dose,” says researcher Leah Coles, PhD, a research fellow at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia. “That effect might be even greater over the long term if they are drinking it day upon day.”

More studies are currently being done on the affect of beetroot juice on high blood pressure.

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Note: For those who don’t have heart disease or high blood pressure, beet juice also has promising potential benefits for exercise performance and endurance, but it needs to be used cautiously as it may lower blood pressure.