Nitric oxide supplements are popular, but what do they do? Find out why you need nitric oxide and how you can increase it.

Nearly every cell in your body produces nitric oxide (NO), an essential molecule for your blood vessel health. As a vasodilator, nitric oxide relaxes your blood vessels’ inner muscles, widening them and increasing circulation.

As a result, you can experience a variety of benefits. Want to know why you need nitric oxide? Keep reading to find out how this molecule benefits your health and how supplements can help improve your levels.

Blood Pressure

Why You Need Nitric OxideHigh blood pressure (hypertension) is a significant risk factor for heart disease, but eating foods rich in nitrates may help. Nitrates are compounds that convert into nitric oxide inside the body, leading to relaxed blood vessels and lower blood pressure. You can find nitrates in foods like beets and dark leafy greens (spinach, arugula, kale, etc.).

Physical Performance

Because nitric oxide leads to wider blood vessels and better circulation, it also helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to working muscles. In fact, various studies show that nitrates can help improve exercise performance, especially if it comes from beet juice. If you want to improve your exercise performance through supplementation, l-citrulline supplements are effective due to their ability to increase nitric oxide production.

Physical Recovery

Another important aspect of physical fitness is the ability to recover well and avoid muscle soreness. Fortunately, a form of l-citrulline called citrulline malate helps increase nitric oxide production and decrease muscle soreness. However, the dose and type of exercise you do may affect citrulline malate’s ability to affect muscle soreness.

Erectile Dysfunction

Also known as ED, erectile dysfunction is the inability to either achieve or maintain an erection firm enough for sex. Nitric oxide may help, as it helps the muscles in the penis relax, allowing its chambers to fill with blood, leading to an erection. Some supplements that may help with nitric oxide production and ED include l-arginine, l-citrulline, and French maritime pine bark extract.

Type 2 Diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes don’t produce nitric oxide efficiently, leading to poor blood vessel health, hypertension, kidney disease, and heart disease. Therefore, taking nitric oxide supplements may greatly help individuals with diabetes. According to a study, taking l-arginine helped increase NO in diabetes patients, which also increased insulin sensitivity and led to better blood sugar control.

Nitric Oxide Supplements

heartbeet completeWhether you want better blood pressure, exercise performance, blood sugar control, or help with ED symptoms, improving your NO levels is the way to go. There are various nitric oxide supplements out there and you will typically find them labeled “l-arginine supplements,” “l-citrulline supplements,” and so on.

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