What you eat has a big impact on your heart. That can be positive or negative! Here are some of the worst foods for your heart! 

Worst Foods for Your Heart


It’s obvious that butter and margarine are high in fat—honestly, that’s why they’re so delicious. However, not all fats are bad. Butter and margarine happened to be very high in saturated fat, which isn’t one of the good fats. Though butter definitely has its place, don’t overdo it! Cutting down on butter can help you improve your overall heart health. If you still want to add a little fat to your meal, like any normal human would add olive oil or avocado as a heart-healthy alternative!

Canned Soups

You might not think that there’s any harm in eating a can of Campbell’s every once in a while! However, canned soups are full of sodium and other processed ingredients that are terrible for your heart health. One can of Campbell’s soup contains anywhere from 1400 to 1800 mg of sodium. That’s more than your daily allotment!

Most American’s consume about 3500 mg of sodium every single day. It’s everywhere! Be mindful of your sodium consumption and you’ll automatically have better heart health!

Frozen Pizza

Of all the frozen processed foods, pizza happens to be one of the most delicious to eat and one of the most harmful to your heart. Frozen pizzas are highly processed and contain so much sodium and fat. The cheese has tons of saturated fat and so do many of the toppings like pepperoni. Processed tomato products also strip almost all of the healthy benefits of tomatos and replace them with sodium. If you want to improve your heart health, stop eating frozen pizza. You can make your own healthy, low fat pizzas at home with homemade tomato sauce, a low-fat mozzarella, and yummy vegetable toppings like mushrooms and spinach.

Fast Food

We’ve already established that sodium is the enemy, right? Fast food is not great for your heart because it is full of sodium and is uber processed! Many fast foods are fried as well, and loaded with sugar and salt to make them taste good. Fast food contains little nutrition and lots of calories, leaving your belly full but your body malnourished. Try to eat most of your meals at home, and make sure you have a healthy snack in the car for when you need something to eat on the go.

Best Supplements for Your Heart

We’ve talked about some of the worst foods for your heart. Now let’s talk about some incredible supplements that you can take to help improve your heart health. Taking supplements along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise can greatly improve your heart health and lower your blood pressure.

Heartbeet Complete

Beetroot is very effective in lowering blood pressure. The problem is you must eat a lot of beets for that to work! Heartbeet Complete is a beetroot powder supplement that gives you all the nutrients you need to lower your blood pressure. It is made with real powdered beets and is just like eating a fresh beet! It comes in an easy to use powdered drink mix that dissolves easily in water. Try it out risk-free today!